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Zinc Sacrificial Anode

When the pool uses the salt chlorine disinfection system, the pool water is similar to the salt water, the metal equipment in the pool will be electrolytic corrosion, but the use of the pool metal anticorrosion device can avoid the corrosion of the metal equipment in the pool, so that your pool equipment will have a longer service life and be safer.

  • The visual transparent cover makes it easy to observe the built-in zinc rod and reduces maintenance work

  • The external set of brass terminals is easy to connect with pool equipment and other metal equipment, can also be grounded to provide protection against electric shock function

  • Maximum working pressure: 2.5Bar

  • Easy to install and maintain: The metal anti-corrosion device is easy to install, without tedious steps and tools

  • Reduce the daily maintenance of swimming pool metal facilities


  • The Zinc sacrificial anode device will break down over time and sacrifice itself so that other equipment that are composed of metal in your pool will not affected by electrical corrosion. This product is simple, easy to implement, economical and effective, causes little pollution to the environment, and has low subsequent maintenance costs.

Product Details

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