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WL-P-DYG Filtration Unit

The integrated circulation, filtration and sterilization unit is assembled with LASWIM plastic sand filter, circulation pump and chemical feeder.

  • Compact design for easy carriage and quick to install. Contains all the functions of circulation, filtration and sterilization, ready to use

  • The base uses singular forming which makes the base strong and durable. The operation of the unit is stable and reliable

  • The circulation pump has superior performance and extremely quiet during operation

  • The filter uses UV proof food-level PE material to produce that is safe, eco-friendly and anti-corrosive

  • The pill dispenser uses hard tube connection, it is easy to use

  • The whole unit is accurately assembled, it is easy to install and maintain, it is suitable for moving pools and private pools

  • The unit is a multifunctional system assembled with precision, simple to operate, easy to install. It's the optimal choice for filtering movable and inflated pools.

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