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WF Series Bag Filter

Full plastic bag filter is a new filter system, with high precision, big flow, easy installation and Maintenance. It consists of the housing, filter basket and filter bag.

  • UVPC plastic filter housing with strong corrosion resistance

  • Unique seal design makes the filter more safety and reliable

  • The special filtration technology can effectively prevent the bag plunged into the support basket, no inner leak

  • Compact structure, beautiful appearance and small footprint

  • High filter precision, the filtration range is 0.5 to 200um

  • Large processing flow rate, large capacity and high efficiency


Working principle

  • The water to be filtered flows in from the inlet, and then flows from the inside to outside of the filter bag, finally flows into the specified container through the outlet at the bottom of the filter. The filtered particle impurities are trapped in the filter bag, to make sure that there is no contamination to the filtered water when replacing the filter bag and the unit can be re-used after replacing the filter bag.

Product Details

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