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Wall-Mounted Ozone Generator DNA-Series

The wall-mounted ozone generator is suitable for disinfection and sterilization of individual space. Wall mount design is easier for ozone gas to reach anywhere for disinfection. It can be widely used in production units, food processing workshops, pharmaceutical factories, schools, hospitals, restaurants etc.,

  • Wall-mounted installation-Save space

  • Quartz glass ozone tube-Continuous ozone output

  • Microcomputer timing system-Turn on/off machine automatically

  • Preset timer-Ease of use

  • Unique air cooling-Strong cooling performance

  • Stainless steel cabinet-Corrosion resistant

  • Wide range of applications-Convenient

  • High conversion efficiency-Low energy consumption

  • Disinfection processing time can be adjustable for up to 24 hours, automatically turn on/off.

  • Low-noise and high-speed cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation.

  • Rugged stainless steel casing, corrosion resistance, suitable for wide rage applications.

  • Corona discharge technology, quartz glass ozone chamber, improve efficiency, reliability, and high stability.

  • Longer lifespan, Stainless steel housing, Pre-filter to capture large particle.

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