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UV Sterilizer For Seawater UVM Series

UVM series UV sterilizer is specially designed for sea water conditions, the reaction chamber is made of noncorrosive and high quality organic material, to ensure a long service life. This UV sterilizer has excellent performance of sterilization and water purification, non-toxic and harmless. It is an ideal solution for aquarium and aquaculture.

  • Simple in-line chamber design for easy installation and maintenance.

  • PVC plastic chamber is compatible for fresh water, seawater, chlorine feeder and salt chlorinator.

  • Lamp service life: 9000-10000 hours of operation, approximate 12 months of continuous working.

  • With over temperature protection, preventing damage from overheating.

  • General operation and maintenance: Quartz sleeve is to be cleaned every 6-12 months and to be replaced every 24 months. UV lamp is to be replaced every year for continuing service

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