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UV Sterilizer Disinfecting Equipment WL-UVC

Ultravilot is accepted all over the world as a reliable ,cost-effective and above all environmentally friendly aquarium water disinfection solution.
UV-C radiation destroys the genetic structure of bacteria and Viruses, and inhibits their ability to multiply, rendering them harmless.

  • The reactor use 304 polished stainless steel, the smooth interior leaves no blind spot for sterilization

  • The ultraviolet light tube is equipped with a quartz sleeve, to ensure optimal working temperature

  • The electrical configuration of the device is suitable to most electrical specifications

  • Special exterior design makes the device convenient to use

  • All round sterilization, highly efficient, sterilization rate up to 99.9%

  • High output, physical sterilization, no side effects, no secondary pollution

  • The amount of water that can be sterilized ranges from 5.5-250T/H. The device adapts to swimming pools, spa and water parks of various sizes


  • WL-UVC series full flow ultraviolet disinfectant device uses a special made high power ozone free ultraviolet germicidal lamp. The device is also equipped with a micro carbon austenite stainless steel barrel with a specially processed interior, while the exterior of the barrel is also specially polished. The result of this is the water passing the barrel would be radiated and receive 253.7mm(UVC) of ultraviolet with passing through the barrel, providing a excellent disinfectant effect.

  • Physical sterilization, no side effects, no secondary pollution.

  • Simple, efficient, small occupation.

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