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UV Sterilizer Disinfecting Equipment WL-UV

  • Special safe design for public swimming pool and private pool. No risk to swimmer because of safety voltage of 12V

  • Different from the normal revolving design,it adopts particular buckle for UV tube to avoid its damage during installation

  • It uses purely physical method to sterilize the pool water,no chemical residue,non-corrosive,non-toxic side effect after sterilizing by UV sterilizer.No health hazards to human skin and body

  • Compared with CH and ozone generator,UV sterilizer is easy to install,economical and low maintenance too

  • A humanistic design to caution the working situation of UV sterilizer by LED light,and this make the repair and maintenance so easy

  • The sterilization rate of bacteria and virus could reach 99% to 99.9% within 2s,includes flu,hepatitis virus,coli,staphylococci,bacillus subtilis,ect.

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