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Touch Intelligent Water Quality Monitor

  • Electrode plug and play, no conversion module is needed, three-point probe calibration, more precise data. Water quality parameter standards include European, Chinese and other national standards

  • Switch free between Chinese and English interfaces, more convenient to operate by full touch screen

  • Less failure, high accuracy, low maintenance

  • Can control 3 sets of dosing pump


Installation Guide:

  • Close the water valves at the front and back of the installation site to keep the installation section free of water, so as to avoid accidents.

  • The water intake point shall be located behind the water pump and in front of the filter in the return water pipeline of the swimming pool. There is a certain pressure difference between the water inlet and the outlet to make the water flow through the flow trough. Use tools to drill a DN15 hole at this main pipeline or change it to DN15 through tee, and fix the DN15 ball valve at the water intake.

  • Install the acrylic flow through and the water quality monitor. Use the wall mounting method to connect the flow through with the DN15 ball valve of the water intake through 6*4mm hose.

  • The water outlet of the flow trough is directly discharged by pressure relief through 6*4mm hose(discharged to the water collecting well or returned to the equalization tank).

  • Open the water valve to confirm whether there is water flow through the flow trough and the water flow is enough.

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