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SR Series Salt Chlorine Generator

SR series salt chlorinator is specially designed for small pools. It can't be easier realize chlorine disinfecting and micro ozone disinfecting by adding salt to swimming pools which can turn into active chlorine and active oxygen. What's more, this salt chlorinator is easy to maintain with the titanium cells' self-cleaning function and easy-control panel. Easily running a safe and clean swimming pool with SR series salt chlorinator. You will never have trouble of traditional chlorine disinfection.

The best disinfection choice for above ground pools up to 45m³ pool water.

  • Self-cleaning can prevent calcium from accumulating and can be set to reverse polarity every 4,8,or 12 hours, which can extend the life of titanium plates

  • It warns if the water temperature is more than 45℃(133℉)or lower than 10℃(50℉). It will shut down while more than 45℃

  • It warns if the salinity is too low to maintain effective disinfection

  • One key to choose HALF/FULL chlorine outputThe salt chlorinator turns on automatically and reverses the polarity after powering on. At the same time, it can revert to the setting of the last operation

  • You can set the operation time according to different pools to save energy. Working time can be set by manual

  • Back to default setting by pressing the restore button

  • The salt chlorinator automatically shuts down in case of abnormalities due to the protection function of voltage, current and water flow. It extends the life of the salt chlorinators

  • The compact design of SR series salt chlorinator is ideally used for small pools not more than 45m³. It comes with support bracket meeting kinds of installation types and easily installed at kinds of narrow places.

  • Can be directly connected with flexible hose via 32/38mm reducer fittings or PVC pipe(1.5"/50mm), easy installation.

  • Integrates water flow switch, water temperature sensor and salinity monitor, which is easy to monitor the water quality.

  • Preset multiple intelligent operation modes, one-button switching, simple operation, time and worry saving.

  • It is easy to maintain and alerts abnormalities with the built-in warning function.

  • The square housing design saves storage space and packaging, which can reduce shipping and storage costs.

  • The unique housing design with transparent material is easy to observe the operation.

Product Details

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