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SKID Mounted Filtration System

Laswim skid mounted filtration system is built using quality components. This system combines biological filter media, UV sterilizer, and a pump to create a complete filtration system. The system is designed to deliver unmatched filtration and UV sterilization, providing trouble free operation for your water feature. It can quickly and efficiently remove suspended solids, organic matter, blue-green algae, fishy odor and mosquito larvae in the water, improve water visibility, and keep the water clean and healthy all year round.

  • 304 stainless steel casing, strong and durable

  • Flexible and easy installation

  • Convenient maintenance, only need to clean every 2-3 months

  • Adopts durable UV sterilizer with two lamps to kill bacteria and algae

  • Provides physical, biological and chemical filtration, effectively remove organic pollution from water

  • Low water change costs and operation costs

  • Stable operation and long service life, the filter media can be recycled for long time

  • The specially designed multi-chamber filtering compartment can place different types of filter media for precision filtration

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