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SFPF Series FRP Strainer

Basket strainer is used as pre-filter to remove hair, fiber and large suspended solids in water, to protect the pump and ensure the normal operation of the whole water treatment system.

  • Quick open design.

  • Clear lid with easy access allows for simple visibility of debris.

  • Stainless steel filter basket, easy for cleaning.

  • Total area of filter tube hole: more than 2.5 times of cross-section area of connecting pipe.


Operating principle

  • The strainer is equipped with a built in filter basket. When the raw water passes through, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the strainer and the clean water flows out. The bottom provided with a sewage outlet, the debris, hair, fibers and other big impurities could be drained from here, and the filter basket can be removed from inside for cleaning.

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