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Safety Check Valve

Safety Check Valve is an essential accessory for circulating pump. Its main function is to aviod damaging the impeller when pump stops working. LASWIM Safety Check Valve is specially designed for swimming pool and spa and it relies on the flow of the liquid itself to turn on and turn off the seal baffle automatically,then form the direction flow of the liqiud.It ensures the direction flow of water from swimming pool and spa and prevents water from backflow.

  • Transparent lid,convenient to watch flow directiong of water

  • Seal baffle and stainless steel spring with numerous tests ensure high performance and reliable quality

  • Being made of high quality engineering plastics,our safety check valve is in high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance,which can adapt to acicic or al- kaline fluid in termperature 5-50 degree

  • Safety Check Valve in metric or imperial is optional, facilitating the installation

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