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RDG300 Series Sand Filter System

RDG300 series filtration system is specially designed for domestic swimming pool. The component design is easy to assemble, and the installation is simple to operate. A variety of connection sizes can meet different usage scenarios. The RDG300K is equipped with strainer basket , while the RDG300X is not, so you will have more choices.

  • Simple installation and easy operation

  • The sand filter and the water pump are precisely matched, so that the performance of the unit is optimal and efficient

  • The combined base can meet the requirements of different scenarios

  • Unitized thermal plastic filter tank, tough, durable and suitable for many different weather conditions.

  • Pump built-in heat protector makes the service life longer

  • The pump meets F insulation class and IPX5 protection requirement

  • The pump has good sealing and anti-corrosion performance, and runs extremely quiet

  • A variety of connection sizes, suitable for 32/38mm flexible hose, 1.5"/50mm pipe

  • The whole unit includes hoses and other necessary accessorie

Product Details

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