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RDF Rotary Drum Filter

Rotary drum filter for aquaculture farms is mechanical and self-cleaning micro-filtration equipment, which is designed for high performance in water-treatment systems.

  • Small footprint, large filtration area, tiny filter aperture, low resistance and good filtration effect.

  • Adopts 316L stainless steel filter screen, sturdy and durable.

  • The housing is made of high quality plastic material with strong corrosion resistance.

  • The waste tray has an inclined angle for quick discharge.

  • Easy installation, stable operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple operation and management.

  • Multiple working modes of automatic, stop, and manual. In the automatic working mode, it will automatically sense whether the screen is blocked and automatically backwash. At the same time, the backwashing time can be set according to the blockage of the screen.


  • It uses a rotating drum to separate the micro suspended solid out of the water to reach solid-liquid separation. Dirty water enters the inside of the drum through a water inlet and the drum is covered with a stainless steel (316L) micro screen. From here it passes through the filter screen to the filter chamber, leaving all impurities on the inside of the filter screen. Waste particles slowly block the filter screen causing less water to pass through the drum leading to a higher water level inside the filtering drum. Once the water inside the filtering drum rises to the specified level, the automatic control system starts to work, the back wash pump and drum motor will be open automatically at the same time. During the washing process, the water under pressure rinses the dirt from the inside of the filter screen to a waste tray, and then leaves the filter through a sewage outlet. After one rotation of the drum, the filter screen is cleaned. When contamination gathers again on the inside of the filter screen, the cycle repeats itself.

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