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Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger is a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger, made of a sheet of metal having a certain corrugated shape. The working medium flows through a narrow, zigzag channel formed by two adjacent plates and heat transfer through spaced plates.

  • Economical and high-efficiency

  • High heat transfer coefficient

  • Less heat loss

  • Compact structure, small footprint

  • Long service life and easy maintenance

  • Wide adaptability


Economical and high-efficiency

  • Assembled from corrugated plates formed by one- time stamping and has low metal consumption, When using corrosion-resistant materials, the inves tment cost is significantly lower than other types of heat exchangers.

High heat transfer coefficient

  • When the Reynolds number> 10, severe turbulence can be generated, and the general total heat transfer coefficient can be as high as 3000 -7000W/m2k.

Less heat loss

  • The heat exchange is carried out in the form of countercurrent, which can reach a temperature difference of 1 "C at the end, and the thermal efficiency is≥95%. Only the edges of the plates are exposed, with minimal heat loss and∩0 need for heat preservation.

Compact structure, small footprint

  • A small space can provide large heat exchange area, and its occupied space is a small part of other types of heat exchangers, and no additional space for disassembly and assembly is required.

Long service life and easy maintenance

  • High turbulence degree of water flow, effectively reduces scaling, and the stainless steel plate is not corroded. When it needs to be disassembled and cleaned, just loosen the fastening bolts, and the gasket can be quickly replaced.

Wide adaptability

  • Each model has four different specifications of plates, and different combinations can flexibly meet various conditions of use. The plate is an independent unit, and the number of plates can be increased or decreased to match the changing heat requirements.

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