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P-DYG Series Sand Filter System

Enjoy your pools with the sand filter system.The small size sand filter system is specially designed for pool of 18-90 m³.

  • The sand filter system consists of a pump, a filter , and a salt chlorinator

  • It can run the necessary functions for pools easily and efficiently, like circulation, filtration and disinfection.

  • Have fun with clean water the sand filter system brings to you

  • Quick Assembly
    The sand filter system is designed for quick assembly and precise alignment of components.

  • Well-Matched Systems
    Filters and pumps are performance-matched to provide maximum flow, and the salt chlorinator is used for disinfecting pool water.

  • Durable Filter
    Made from durable material, the filter can be used for long-lasting.

  • Quiet Pump
    The pump can work quietly and stably to provide max water flow.

Product Details

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