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Moveable Dehumidifier

A high performance, low cost wall mounted dehumidifier, specially designed for small pools, spa or old indoor swimming pool.

  • Microcomputer automatic control

  • Unique humidity of 1% RH adjustable function, humidity setting range is 10%-98%RH

  • 1-24 hours' timer shutdown function

  • Efficient automatic frost system, suitable for use under low temperature

  • High-quality centrifugal fan, strong wind, uniform airflow and low noise

  • International brand compressor, stable performance, long-lasting and strong dehumidification effect

  • Large LCD screen display, real-time monitoring of current ambient temperature, humidity and operating status

  • Perfect automatic diagnosis function of system failure, which can quickly diagnose the operation failure of the unit

  • Can be connected with hose to realize continuous drainage

  • The bottom is equipped with a universal wheel, which can move freely

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