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Medium Pressure UV Sterilizer

Medium pressure UV is a very effective disinfection method. The energy output of medium-pressure UV is dozens to hundreds of times that of low pressure lamps. Its output wavelength range is wide, between 230nm and 370nm. All bacteria and viruses can be killed. While destroying the DNA structure of the microorganisms, it also breaks down the microorganisms into small fragments, which can permanently inactivate the chlorine-resistant microbial tissues, so that microorganisms completely lose the ability of regeneration and resurrection.

  • Using medium pressure high-quality American imported Lightsources brand UV lamps with high power, reducing the quantity of lamp can handle large water flow

  • Instantly detect the temperature of the water to ensure that the equipment runs at a working temperature of 0-45 degrees

  • The UV intensity monitor used in the medium pressure UV sterilizer only responds to specific UV wavelengths that have a sterilizing effect. It can be connected with a computer and PLC, which saves power consumption for the operation of the system

  • In order to better protect the UV lamps, there will be a quartz sleeve outside each UV lamp. The high-quality quartz sleeve can ensure that the transmittance of UV rays reaches more than 90%

  • Equipped with an automatic cleaning system, the quartz sleeve can be automatically cleaned regularly according to the reading of the UV intensity detector. During the cleaning process, the system runs normally, without water shut-off or manual participation, which greatly reduces the workload of on-site personnel


Wide range of sterilization

  • Can permanently inactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms, such as Legionella pneumophila, escherichia coli, pseudomonas, crytosporidium, amoeba, bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens.

Strong sterilization effect

  • Can avoid the occurrence of photoreactivation repair and dark repair of microogranisms' DNA, and has a permanent inactivation effect on microorganisms. There is no resurrection reaction and no flora rebound phenomenon.

No secondary pollution

  • In the disinfection process, no toxic and harmful by-products will be produced, the composition and properties of the disinfected water will not be changed, and no secondary pollution to the water and the surrounding environment.

Continuous disinfection with large water flow

  • At present, UV disinfection technology has reached the daily processing capacity of 1.5 million tons of water in practical applications, and it can be large if necessary. This is not possible for the chlorine and ozone disinfection methods.

Low use cost

  • The operation and maintenance of disinfection is simple, and the operation cost is very low.

Easy to install and operate

  • Modular design, easy installation, suitable for complex installation on-site conditions, and will not damage the on-site equipment, pipelines and building structures. Can be directly to the pipelines, horizontal and vertical installation is optional.

Small footprint and no noise

  • The medium-pressure UV sterilizer that processes 10,000 tons of purified water per day requires only 6㎡ of operating space.

Decompose residual chlorine in water degrade compound chlorine

  • It has the ability to degrade the chlorine, including monochloramine, dichloroamine, trichloroamine, etc., which effectively eliminates the production of the carcinogen trihalomethane and its impact on human body.

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