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ME small LED underwater Light

LASWIM ME light with 2" thread coupling is compatible to 2"int.thread wall conduit and pvc pipe. This series light is widelyused in different kind pool, spa and water features. lts crystalPC lens improves its corrosion resistance and transparency toa new level.

  • High quality silicon gasket, it’s not easy to age, seepage and leak

  • Waterproof standard: IP68

  • Variable voltage: AC12V-20V

  • Can be applied to the voltage fluctuation range of occasion

  • No flicker, high purity, soft light, no glare

  • High brightness (high lumen), strong light transmission

  • Installation mode: liner pool and concrete pool (housing type), fit to 2”wall conduit or 2”thread pvc pipe

  • Color: cool white, warm white, RGB and single color

  • The high grade ABS plastic housing is also durable and applicatible for concrete pool installation


  • ME underwater light adopts latest encapsulation technology to enhance its waterproof performance. With wide voltage application, ME light will be more stronger and no buring due to excessive voltage flucation.

  • With 2” threading light compatible to connect 2” wall conduit or 2” pvc pipe, moreover, it’s specially designed for fiberglass pool, vinyl pool, stainless pool and liner pool. It’s widely used in different kinds of pool, spa and water features.

Product Details

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