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Low Temperature V-Type Swimming Pool Heat Pump

This series heat pump is designed for cold area, it can work with high efficiency even under -15℃( -25℃ EVI heat pump is available on request). It is the best choice for swimming pool, SPA, sanitary hot water, house heating in cold area.

  • Intelligent control for constant pool water temperature(max 40℃)

  • Wide working air temperature range: -10℃ to 45℃

  • Anti-corrosion titanium in PVC heat exchanger for durable use

  • Adopts V-type evaporator, with large heat exchanging surface and great heat absorption

  • Multiple protections for safe operation and long service life

  • The housing adopts high-quality galvanized sheet, with strong corrosion resistance

  • Powerful centralized control and remote control are available for convenient operation and maintenance

  • Automatic and forced defrosting function

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