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LLDPE Protein Skimmer

The body of this series protein skimmer is made from UV rated linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) material, which makes the protein skimmer rugged, ozone safe and UV-resistant, and adopts rotationally molded design, it is once piece, eliminating potential leaking and failures from seams and weld points. Equipped with an automatic washdown system and touch screen controller for a simple and convenient programming of rinse cycles for the internal and external cone. It is designed to carry out the protein fractionation process eficiently and help to save the operation and maintenance cost. At the same time, stocking densities and growth rates are all enhanced and animal health improved.

  • High venturi air flow direct injection system

  • Rotation molded LDPE main Body

  • Vanstone inlet flange

  • Cost saving dual seawater & potable water top cup rinse system

  • Individual electronic timer control and electrical solenoid for rinse system

  • Special designed venturi injection pump

  • Adjustable air flow meter for ozone injection

  • Anti-siphon design

  • Built-in floor anchoring point.

  • All clear acrylic top cup and funnel

  • Ozone vent and fresh air make up vent on top cup

  • Pillow base included for venturi pump

  • Retracting top cup seawater rinse spray head

  • Easy to install, normally 3-6 hours for complete installation with minimum tool

Product Details

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