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Inverter Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump IMN Series

Laswim inverter mini swimming pool heat pump IMN series is the best choice for various small above ground pools, you can easily enjoy a comfortable heated swimming pool in your backyard, even on not-so-beautiful summer days. Thanks to the inverter technology, it absorbs free heat from the environment and passes it on to the water for reduced and controlled energy consumption.

  • Ideal for above-ground pools, spas and splash pools

  • Operating air temperature 5ºC-43 ºC

  • Easy installation (quick connection)

  • Simple and intuitive control panel

  • Low noise operation

  • Filled with environmentally friendly R32 gas

  • Titanium heat exchanger

  • 1.5m wire cable&plug with RCD protection

  • Suitable for 32mm or 38mm water connections

Product Details

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