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HQ/SQ Salt Chlorine Generator

Built-in water temperature and water flow protection Quick and convenient operation Easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of the data Water quality monitor function.

HQ series salt chlorinators are equipped with timer for pump and timer for underwater light. Salt levels indication System overloads protection Self-clean system.

  • Self clean function:by reverse the polarity automatically,which prevents calcium from accumulating and therefore prolong the cell's lifetime

  • Six different chlorine output control:easy adjustment of chlorine level,to meet demand of different time,this will save energy environment friendly

  • HQ salt chlorinators are equipped with timer for pump and timer for underwater light

  • Smart cooling:the cooling intensity can be adjustment according to the temperature inside the control box

  • Protect from no adequate water causing the generator or cell destroyed

  • Two optional outlets make the installation more convenient

  • Overheat protection:prolong the control system life span

  • Datachable titanium panels are easy to install,clean and maintain

  • Alarm system:automatic protection for your system and pool if over-salting occurs or salt level is too low

  • Temperature sensor could be changed separately,reduce the maintenance cost


  • HQ/SQ salt chlorinator improve your pool water quality by using harmless table salt, instead of using harsh chemicals, it is reliable, low maintenance, much more safety to health. Easy and simple programming and fully automatic operation lets you enjoy a relaxed swimming time.

  • Salt chlorinators are an alternative means of sanitizing your pool with chlorine by electrolysis process. The electrolysis process is achieved by passing the salty water through an electrolytic cell, sodium chlorine in the water is converted into chlorine to achieve pool water disinfection.

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