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High Concentration Ozone Water Generator

DN-OWS high concentration ozone water generator offers the unique advance oxidation treatment of commercial pool water. The process combines the disinfection and oxidation properties of ozone and UV making the most advanced pool water purification system available.Widely used in swimming pool and pond.

  • Air-cooled design

  • With a concentration regulator, which can adjust the ozone output concentration according to needs

  • The low water flow alarm and automatically power shutdown can effectively protect the equipment

  • The Ozone generator has high conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous operation and long service life

  • PSA technology to prepare oxygen

  • Ozone water has high concentration and good sterilization efficiency

  • With UV germicidal lamp, double sterilization, better effect

  • High intensity long life low pressure 8,000 hour UV lamps



  • It integrates power supply protection, current indication and Low water flow alarm functions

  • Effective disinfection and safely lower free chlorine residual including chlorine resistant micro-organisms.

  • Chloramines destruction reducing "red eye" and irritation of skin and respiratory system.

  • Trihalomethane (THM) levels are minimised.

  • Compact unit footprint suitable for small plant rooms.

  • Designed for maximum operator and bather safety.

  • Low installation cost-minimal connections required.

Operating environment:

  • ambient temperature requirements. 5 ºC ~ 40 ºC.

  • Ambient humidity requirement: ≤ 75%.

  • The equipment site does not allow explosive dangerous media, and the surrounding media should not contain gases that corrode metal insulation and conductive media

  • The base where the equipment is placed should be flat, and the equipment should be placed on the ground or on the support steadily.

  • Keep the Operating environment is ventilated and the air is dry. If necessary, an exhaust fan or air conditioner can be installed.

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