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HGP-E Series Seawater Pump

HGP-E series pump is new patented large flow self-priming plastic pump, adopts bionic turbo pump body design, maximizes the conversion of motor efficiency to deliver massive & smoothly water flow, max flow rate up to 260m³/h. Thickened body and spiral lock design, excellent bearing pressure performance, sturdy and durable. Imported bearings and high-quality mechanical seal, the motor operates more stable and quiet. Flange inlet andoutlet, convenient for installation and operation, easy to maintain, all spare parts are available, suitable for seawater condition.

  • Super water flow up to 260m³/h

  • Four-pole motor, speed: 1450RPM

  • High-quality mechanical seal, super quiet operation

  • Protection: IP55

  • Insulation: Class F

  • Bionic turbo pump body design

  • Excellent bearing pressure performance up to 6kg/cm²

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