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Heat Pump

This series air source heat pump is specially designed according to the special breeding needs of aquaculture and aquarium, can precisely maintain the water temperature.

  • The titanium heat exchanger does not react with weak acids and weak bases, and is not affected by sea water and scale. It can adapt to aquarium and aquaculture farms' condition.

  • The housing is made of high quality metal material and the surface is specially treated, which does not fade, does not change color and has good corrosion resistance, which ensures the service life of the heat pump for more than 10 years.

  • Adopts hydrophilic blue film fins to make the evaporator resistant to heat and corrosion, and not affected by operating time.

  • The copper tube adopts multiple anti-corrosion measures to prevent the corrosion of the sea. Its service lifeis4 to 6 times longer than the normal aluminum tube (average service life is 2-3 years).


More economical and energy saving

  • The COP of this aquaculture heat pump is higher than that the ordinary heat pump. which means that the time for this unit to reach the same temperature is shorter, and the daily use and maintenance costs are lower!

Longer service life and more in return

  • The materials of Laswim aquaculture heat pumps are more suitable for use in aquaculture environments, with a long life span (about 10-12 years) and a high return on investment.

Simple and convenient operation

  • Laswim aquaculture heat pump adopts an advanced computer control system, one-time setting and intelligent operation, fully automatic and precise control of water temperature and the

  • unit's operation status, making the constant temperature easier and more labor-saving.

Various choices and can be customized

  • Laswim heat pumps for aquaculture include air source heat pump and water source heat pump. Customers can choose according to the actual conditions. At the same time, Laswim's professional technical team can provide customers with customized services, S0 that the heat pumps can be more targeted.

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