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FZ Series Oxygenation Cone

Oxygenation cone are also called oxygen cone, which is a conical vessel designed to reinforce the process of oxygen gas mixing and saturation into the water, especially for high-density industrial aquacuture. It is made of high-quality FRP composite polyester material, has good chemical corrosion resistance, sun protection and UV resistance.



  • The outer layer is made of winding and reinforced production technology, which is strong and safe. Oxygen cone is one of the main technologies commonly used in industrialized aquaculture to control dissolved oxygen in the water efficiently and effectively, achieve the best oxygen gas- water mixing through a simple operation.


  • Large-scale land-based aquaculture farms, seawater nursery farms, large-scale aquaculture temporary bases, public aquariums, commercial aquariums, sewage treatment plants, gas and liquid dissolution or reaction in chemical industry.

Product Details

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