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Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump LS-IFP1-S3C3

Laswim Premium series swimming pool heat pump is powered by mature stepless DC inverter technology, which helps to greatly reduce the energy consumption while running silently, enabling the unit to reach extremely high COP up to 14. By smart conversion of compressor speed, fan motor speed and system pressure, this Premium series heat pump can provide amazing energy saving and silent performance.

  • Super silent running

  • COP up to 14

  • Energy saving

  • Soft start & wide voltage application

  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R32

  • Built-in Wi-Fi function

  • Twin-rotary DC inverter compressor

  • Reverse cycle defrosting with 4-way valve for quick & efficient defrosting

  • Design for operating air temperature as low as -10ºC

  • EEV technology: 10 times flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase the COP by up to 20%

  • Spiral titanium heat exchanger: 40% higher efficiency than normal titanium heat exchanger

  • Can be used for swimming pool heating or cooling


Super silent running

  • Thanks to the full inverter technology, this Premium series pool heat pump can bring you much quieter swimming environment than a normal on/off pool heat pump, which is more friendly to your neighborhood.

    COP up to 14

  • When maintaining pool temperature at 95% of pool season, the COP of this Premium series heat pump can be up to 14 when running at middle & low speed, which leads to the best energy saving performance and most silent pool environment.

    Energy saving

  • Adjusting the operating frequency of its compressor and fan motor automatically according to the heating or cooling demand, Premium series heat pump runs at middle & low speed most of the time, it is nearly double energy saving than On/Off heat pump

    Soft start & wide voltage application

  • By using stepless DC inverter compressor, the input current will start from 0 Amps to rated Amps steadily, to better protect the house electricity system. With its smart conversion, this premium series heat pump can be also adapted to wide voltage from 180~260V.

    Eco-friendly refrigerant R32

  • Compared to other refrigerants widely used today, R32 is remarkable for its small environment impact and has a global warming potential(GWP) of 675, which is two-third lower than R410A, cuts 75% carbon emission and 75% F-gas quota cost.

    Built-in Wi-Fi function

  • With Wi-Fi function, you can control your heat pump through a smart APP on the phone easily anywhere and anytime.

Product Details

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