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Fluidized Sandbed Biofilter

Fluidized Sandbed Biofilter is a high efficiency filter that will replace the traditional bio-trough system with a much smaller footprint. It uses anaerobic denitrification technology to treat ammonia nitrogen in water. Calcified coral sand is used as its filter media, with a contact area of up to 20000 24000m2/m3 (depending on the size of the selected coral sand), and 1kg coral sand can handle 16g of ammonia (NH4) per 24 hours on average. Compared with traditional biochemical denitrification equipment, it not only occupies a smaller area and consumes less power, but also greatly improves the efficiency of denitrification.

  • High efficiency

  • Small footprint

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Material: LDPE and UPVC, standard UPVC pipeline connection.

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