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EC Pro Salt Chlorine Generator

EC PRO Smart Salt Chlorinator: Control pool disinfection easily with your phone or tablet, ensuring clear, healthy water for family fun, anytime, anywhere.

  • Intelligent Control

  • Self-adapting operation

  • Salt shortage reminder

  • Self-Cleaning Function

  • Chlorine Output Adjustmen

  • One-Click BOOST

  • Power Failure Memory

  • Safety Mode

  • EC PRO Salt chlorinator, intelligent, self-adapting. operation, operates adaptively at low salt levels (1000ppm)Smart low salt reminder, for easy operation. Set your pool size and receive smart reminders for adding salt to the ideal level (3500ppm) during extremely low salt conditions.

  • A smart loT-enabled salt chlorinator for an easier and worry-free experience.Through the Smart Life app, users can remotely control and network manage the salt chlorinator.

Product Details

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