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Vacuum degasser is a necessary equipment for high-density aquaculture and aquarium water treatment. When fish breathe oxygen in water, the CO2 discharged is 1.5 times that of O2, and the CO2 gas will he dissolved in the water, so degasser is needed to protect the O2 content of fish in the culture tank, and inhibit the growth of bacteria, and promote the healthy growth of fish.

  • Adopting semi-vacuum negative pressure technology, completely degass.

  • Can dissolve carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N) gas.

  • Can reduce nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3) in water and increase the rate of dissolved oxygen.

  • PP board structure, standard looper flange inlet and outlet.

  • Filter media: optional K5 bio-ball or PET bio-film.

  • Effective degass CO2: 50-75% , gas water ratio (G/L):3- 5.


  • Vacuum degasser adopts the internationally advanced "semi-vacuum-air-water convection" treatment technology, which can effectively separate and discharge gas from water, and has the advantages of high-efficiency treatment capacity and low energy consumption.

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