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Lights and pumps can quickly raise water temperature of aquarium and aquaculture to dangerous levels, but water chiller will help to lower and maintain a safe temperature. Laswim chiller utilizes high efficiency internal threaded tube, its high heat exchange efficiency is more than twice that of traditional shell and tube heat exchangers. The inlet and outlet of the refrigerant is excellent sealed to avoid leakage. The sealing is made of high temperature resistant materials, which can withstand a wide temperature range of -20C to 200C. Fling with heat insulation material between the steel housing and the engineering plastic housing which can effectively reduce the heat loss of the heat exchanger. Durable independent joint, water inlet and outlet is made of metal materials, sturdy and durable, can can be used under special water quality and effectively resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, chloride ion and erosion of sediment.

  • Adopts digital controller to keep the water temperature more accurate and stable.

  • The digital controller can monitor the high and low pressure of the compressor, when the pressure is too high or too low, an alarm will be triggered automatically.

  • The power-off memory function can effectively ensure that when the power is turned off, it will automatically continue to work at the original set temperature when the power is turned on again, ensuring the safety and health of the animals and plants in the aquarium.

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