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BHP/BHP-E Series Pumps

BHP/BHP-E heavy duty pumps delivers high flow and high performance. It is designed for commerical swimming pool. Unique large diffuser and maximum performance impeller with high-performance motor maximize energy efficiency.

  • The inlet or outlet of the pump with an external thread which can connect with metric or imperial pipes.

  • The pump has excellent performance and reliable quality, which can bear 25000 times of impact test.

  • Liquid Temperature:5-50℃(41-122℉)

  • Ambient Temperature: up to 40℃(104℉)

  • Maximum working pressure: 2.5bar

  • IPX5 waterproof standard

  • Class I protection against electric shock.

  • Thermal protection included.

  • Motor: 3000r.p.m.

  • 50Hz or 60Hz is available for different necessities

Product Details

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