Stong Heat Air Source Heat Pump
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Stong Heat Air Source Heat Pump

Strong heat G type air source heat pump is specially designed for cold area, it can achieve the optimal heating capacity even under low temperature.
Heat exchanger:
  • LAS-KP-G series

Laswim strong heat G type air source heat pump is specially designed for the area where is hot in Summer and cold in Winter,  it can  achieve the optimal heating capacity even in cold area where the ambient temperature is down to -15℃. Including swimming pool, hot spring and hot water series.

Applicable to water heating or cooling for swimming pool of different sizes, constant temperature and initial heating for hot spring, heating for shower water, heating and air conditioning for different sizes of applications.



● Good adaptability

Specially designed for the area where requires heating in Winter and cooling in Summer.

● Good heat exchange effect

Four sides air intake heat exchange method, large heat transfer surface and good effect.

● Safe

Water and electricity separates, no risk of electric shock, flammable, explosive, poisoning.

● High efficient and energy saving

Only require a small amount of electricity to convert into 4 to 5 times of heat energy to heat the water, high energy conversion rate, very high efficient and energy-saving.

● Quiet operation

Up and down structure, low noise.

● Durable

Utilizes high quality components to ensure product quality, stable and durable.

● Easy installation

Aesthetically pleasing design, compact structure, small footprint, strong engineering adaptability, easy to install and maintain.

● Complete specifications

From 5HP to 60HP, suitable for swimming pools of all sizes.

High quality components details:

Evaporator: refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat here

a. Evaporator with large surface: big air flow and good heat absorption, the COP is high and stable, would not affected by the running time.

b. Blue hydrophilic fin with great heat and corrosion resistance.

Condenser: refrigerant condenses and releases heat here

a. PVC or PPR + Titanium condenser, effectively resist the erosion of chloride ions in the water.

b. Dual coil design: the water stay more time in the condenser, heat exchanging effect is better.

Control system: intelligent electronic control, stable and efficient

a. Big screen controller, monitor the actual water temperature directly, automatic electronic control system, intelligent operation, more convenient and simple.

b. The control panel utilizes advanced SMT technology and ST microcomputer chip, with stable and reliable performance and powerful functions.


Compressor: international standard, reliable and durable

International famous brand (Emerson, Copeland, Danfoss), high efficiency, reliable and long life time.

Electronic control system: microcomputer chip core control components, accurate control of water temperature and operating conditions.

a. Famous brand electronic control system (electronic expansion valve)which controls the operation of the unit accurately for the best performance even in extremely cold and poor environment.

b. Electronic expansion valve utilizes advanced control technology, effectively increase the energy efficiency by 20%.

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