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QGB underwater light

Mode: WL-QGB series underwater light
Power: 12W/24W/36W LED
Safe low voltage AC12V, AC12-20V optional
Housing type installation with niche for concrete pool
  • WL-QGB series
  • Laswim


American old type light, be able to install our lamp to American/European light niche. 

Laswim QG series light is a high power series light, and features stainless steel material with good heat dissipation and tempered glass lens to increase transparency and super brightness. There are different lamp sources available: variable voltage LED lamp, DIP LED lamp and SMD led lamp. 


  • Material: Stainless steel 304

  • Standard cable: 2.0 meters

  • Safe low voltage: AC12V, 

  • Waterproof standard: IP68

  • Installation mode: housing type for concrete pool

  • Compatible to American and European niches

  • Color: cool white, warm white, RGB and single blue

  • RGB mode features 19 pre-programmed lighting patterns

  • Laswim remote control system (YAQ) allows you to manage your pool with an easygoing, relaxed lifestyle

Wide voltage led advantages:

  • Safe low voltage: AC12V-20V

  • Can be applied to the voltage fluctuation range of occasion

  • No flicker, high purity, soft light, no glare

  • High brightness (high lumen), strong light transmission

  • Low power consumption, low heat while working

SMD led benefits:

  • High efficient SMD led, power saving up to 80% consumption than halogen lamp and incandescent lamp

  • High quality silicon gasket, it's not easy to age, seepage and leak

  • Super high brightness, low maintenance cost

  • Material: Stainless steel 304

  • Safe low voltage: AC12V




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