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PAR56 Lamp

Mode: WL-PAR56 lamp
Power: 12W/18W/24W/36W LED, 300W halogen lamp
Safe low voltage AC12V, AC12-20V optional
Housing type
  • WL-PAR lamp
  • Laswim


PAR56 lamp, LED and halogen lamp are available.

American standard PAR56, available to replace of PAR56 underwater lights.

DIP led

DIP LED using potting form for packaging. Potting process is injected liquid epoxy resin in LED the molding cavity at first, and then insert the pressure LED bracket welding good put them into the oven for epoxy resin after curing in order to make the LED molded from the mold cavity.  Due to the simple fabrication process, low cost, it have a higher market share. In large volume, can be used to artificial insert or AI machine operation, because the DIP LED high brightness, easy to waterproof processing, so this kind light source widely using in general pool lights, and high power available as well.

DIP LED Features:


  • High brightness, high efficient, low power consumption

  • High quality silicon gasket, it’s not easy to age, seepage and leak

  • Life span: 10,000-100,000 hours

  • Safety voltage: AC 12V

  • Waterproof standard: IP68

  • Color: cool white, warm white, RGB and single blue

  • RGB mode features 19 pre-programmed lighting patterns

  • Installation mode: housing type with niche, wall mount type non-niche

  • Applicatible to concrete pool, fiberglass pool, liner pool, etc


Variable voltage AC12V-20V led light would be provided you much better and reliable quality even though your pool power supply with voltage fluctuation. Your pool lights would be ensured their working performance and prolonged their lifespan.


Variable voltage LED light features:

  • Safe low voltage: AC12V-20V

  • Can be applied to the voltage fluctuation range of occasion

  • No flicker, high purity, soft light, no glare

  • High brightness (high lumen), strong light transmission

  • Low power consumption, low heat while working

  • Housing type installation mode: compatible to concrete pool, fiberglass pool, stainless steel pool, liner pool


SMD LED is attached on the surface of PCB, suitable for SMT processing, can be reflow, solves the brightness, angle of view, flatness, consistency, reliability and other issues, the lighter PCB plate and a reflecting layer material, improvement of removing heavier carbon steel pin of DIP LED , the display epoxy resin less reflective layer to fill, to reduce the size, reduce weight. Thus, surface mount LED can easily integrate product weight by half; eventually make the application more perfect.

SMD LED light features:

  • High efficient SMD LED, power saving up to 80% consumption than halogen lamp and incandescent lamp

  • Super high brightness, low maintenance cost, super competitive cost

  • Good seal, non-corrosive

  • Beam angle: 120°

  • Safety low voltage: AC 12V

  • Waterproof standard: IP68

  • Standard cable: 2.0meters


The halogen light bulb or lamp is a type of incandescent lamp which uses a halogen gas in order to increase both light output and rated life. They are known for moderately high efficiency, quality of light, and high rated life compared to regular incandescent lamps. 

Halogen / Incandescent bead/Lamp cup features:

  • Super brightness, high efficient

  • Safe low voltage: AC12V

  • Competitive cost

  • Waterproof standard: IP68

  • Compatible to different pools: concrete pool, fiberglass pool, stainless steel pool, liner pool, etc.

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