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Multifunctional Dehumidifier

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LASWIM multifunction dehumidifier is specially developed for the indoor swimming pool, such as large indoor athletic pools, competition pools, commercial pools and hotel pools, etc. Combining multiple functions of dehumidification, pool water heating, pool room cooling and heating , heat recovery and indoor air handing in one unit by intelligent integration control, it is also called air handing unit.(AHU)

The system recycles the heat captured during dehumidification to heat the air or water while the air system effectively absorbs heat from the exhaust air stream, perfectly solve the problem of high humidity and high chlorine diffusing in the pool room. It is energy-efficient by conversing the operating modes according to the seasonal changes, and reduce the pool operating cost while providing a optimum space and water conditions.

When the recycled heat is insufficient to meet the room temperature requirements in cold winter, the auxiliary heating coil can help to eat the indoor room air. As long as the dehumidification system is provided with the necessary operating electric power, it will operate in a continuous cycle and compensate the heat lost of the pool water. In this way to balance the functions of humidity control, water/air temperature control and real time fresh air requirements.


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