Multifunction Dehumidifier
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Multifunction Dehumidifier

Laswim multifunction dehumidifier heat pump combines dehumidification, heat recovery, pool water heating, intelligent ventilation, pool room cooling & heating in one unit by precise integration control. It can sufficiently control indoor relative humidity, air temperature and water temperature in a desirable range. Advanced intelligent ventilation control also designed to maintain high quality and comfortable indoor environment.
Heat exchanger:
Dehumidification capacity::
Fan quantity:
Fan type:
  • LAS100-D

Operational Features:

· Active airflow monitoring and control

· Recycles heat energy from return air and supplies to room air and pool water

· Modulating reheat for steady, precise control of both full and part-load conditions

· Wall condensate prevention

· Economizer for cooling and dehumidification

· Active refrigerant system performance monitoring and control

· Multiple protection system, safe and reliable

· Dehumidification Capacity: 16-262kg/h


Construction Features:

· Applies both supply & return fans and adjustable air valves for precisely control

· Compressor, pool water heater and control system are isolated from corrosive air

· Water and electricity are completely separate

· Modular structure and aesthetic appearance

· Low charge refrigerant system fully factory tested and sealed

· Strong corrosion resistance design and components

· Optional: applies plasma sterilization and AOT (Advanced Oxygenation Technology) to remove the DBPs (disinfection byproducts) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)


  • Hotel pools

  • Therapy pools

  • Spa resorts

  • Municipal/commercial swimming pools

  • Wellness centres

  • Leisure centres

  • Water parks

  • Shopping mall

  • Other public commercial spaces

Dehumidification capacity (kg/h)1622263343516284102126145163182213243262
Total heat capacity (kW)324048658196112163192224244283355401468480
Evaporator cooling capacity (kW)27344054688094134161188205238292329378392
Air flow (m³/h)5000600070008000100001200014000180002300027000290003500040000420004500047000
Standard static pressure (Pa)300300300350350350350400400450450450450500500500
Power supply (V/N/Hz)380V/3N/50Hz
Rated power input (kW)10.51516.119.724.830.134.846.466.881.895.4101.9116.9128.1151163.6
Rated current (A)20303545607080100120150165180200240300330
Weight ( kg)5008009001200150016501850220025002700300033003500365038004000
DimensionL (mm)3100310031003300365039004200480051006500660073007400790082008200
W (mm)1370145015701670177019302160220022002010203021302250265026502650
H (mm)1150115012501350145015501650190023002050220023502500235026502800
Fan quantity2222222222222222
Fan typeCentrifugal
Full pressure100-750 mPa is customized
Fan motor power input (kW)2.233345.55.57.511111515151518.522
Compressor  quantity1111222222233344
Compressor  typeScroll
Compressor  power input (kW)6.1910.113.76.1+10.79+10.110.1+13.713.7+17.717.7+27.127.1+32.732.7x217.7+27.1x232.7+27.1x232.7x327.1x3+32.727.1x2+32.7x2
Auxiliary heating/cooling coil (Optional)
Surface air cooler power input ( kW)20253050606080120120160180200240300330360
Water flow volume (kW)
Surface air cooler pressure drop ( kPa)30333438394142454648494953555860
Inlet/Outlet pipe dimension (mm)DN25DN40DN40DN40DN40DN40DN50DN65DN65DN65DN65DN80DN80DN100DN100DN100
Pool water heat exchanger typeTitanium shell and tube type
Standard work pressure resistance (MPa)
Water pressure drop (kPa)28303335373841444547485051535558
Max water temperature (℃)40404040404040404040404040404040
  Water flow volume: (m³/h)710121518222735455060708090105110
PVC water inlet/outlet size (mm)4050505063636390110110110110110110160160
Condenser quantity1111222222233344
Outdoor condenserLAS6PLAS10PLAS12PLAS15PLAS6P+ LAS12PLAS10P+ LAS12PLAS12P+ LAS15PLAS15P+ LAS20PLAS20P + LAS25PLAS25P + LAS30PLAS20P x 2LAS20P + LAS25P x 2LAS25P x 2 + LAS30PLAS30P x 3LAS25P x 3 + LAS30PLAS25P x 2 + LAS30P x 2

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