LASWIM WL-HDPE Protein Skimmer
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LASWIM WL-HDPE Protein Skimmer

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The body of this protein skimmer is made from linear low-density polyethylene(LLDPE) material, which makes the protein skimmer rugged, ozone-resistant and UV-resistant. It is designed to carry out the protein fractionation process efficiently and help to save the operation and maintenance cost. At the same time, appetite, stocking densities and growth rates are all enhanced and animal health improved.

• With an automatic rinse system.
•Large water volume design ensures the contact times is more than 2 minutes.
•With installation hole, easy to install no need additional reinforcement.
•Optimal air to water ratio, efficient removal of debris and dirt.
•Large flow seawater pump, equipped with pump shockproof base.
•Adjustable air flow meter and anti-siphon ozone inlet design.
•Removable top cup cover design, convenient for maintenance.
•The outlet pipe is equipped with butterfly valve to control the water level and flow.


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