LASWIM Swim Spa (EP-35)
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LASWIM Swim Spa (EP-35)

  • EP-35


Working Principle: Strongly pushing water to produce a strong, smooth flow of water, The paddle wheel is as wide as the pool, generating a feeling of swimming upstream in a river.

Flow: Paddle wheel
Water yield: Max: 16667L/min
Swimming distance: 5-8m
Energy consumption(per hour): 830-2800w. H



Easier to build: Endless pool is a real-time product which contains complete pool body, water circulation system, filtering system, disinfection system, heating and water flow control system. The pool canbe used after installing the ladder, and can be displayed on or built-in your garden. The project amount is far less than the normal villa pool.

More carefree for swim: Endless pool adopted the way of directional inverse which makes the swimmer swim as you like without the limit of the pool space. At the same time, the flow rate can be adjusted, which does not only give you limit-free swimming, but also make your fitness, exercise, leisure more enjoyable.

More advanced fuction: Endless pool collects the fuction of seasonal heating swimming pool and hydrotherapy spa together, it makes your exercise free from the limitation of swimming space, let alone the effects of the change of the climate. When the water is heated to 34-40 degrees, endless pool can be used as the hydrotherapy spa. You can take advantage of the water temperature and buoyancy, combing with the exercise to achieve the maintenance, fitness, leisure and the relation of body.
Endless pool is equipped with massage bed. Multiple choices and professional spa.

Much lower cost: Endless pool costs less comparing to other traditional Villa swimming pool. What's more, it can make full use of the water cycle and reduce the area occupied and the daily water consumption. (the water consumption is about 15T, 1/6-1/3 of traditional villa pool. ) As a result, it greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost in general.

More Convenient to Use: Endless pool contains the complete products of swimming pool, it is unnecessary to build the machine room. The pool is operated and controlled by the control panel, it is easy to operate and with high automatic performance, less maintence. Endless pool occupies less space so that user can move it according to your own preference and make the yard more choice for the layout. This is beyond the traditional pool.


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