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LASWIM NEW PRODUCT-CS series salt chlorine generator

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LASWIM CS series salt chlorine generator is very simple to use, just add salt to the pool to quickly and stably generate the chlorine required for pool water disinfection. Unmatched convenience not only makes pool water clearer, safer, and more comfortable, but avoid all the disadvantages of traditional chlorine disinfection (difficulty storage, odor, red eye, itchy skin, bleached clothing, etc.)


--Smart size, suitable for installation and use in small space, energy saving and environmental friendly, IPX5, can be used outdoor.

-- Can be directly connected with flexible hose (32/38MM) or PVC pipe (1.5”/50MM ), easy installation, simple operation and maintenance.

--Self clean function by reversing the polarity autocratically, the self clean circle time is optional:4/8/12 hours, which can prolong the lifetime of titanium plate.

--Water flow protection, the chlorinator will stop working when there is no water flow or inadequate flow, prolong the lifetime.

--- Adjustable chlorine output: HALF and FULL.

--Salinity monitoring function, when the salinity is too low, the chlorinator will alarm with error code to ensure the effective disinfection of the swimming pool.

---Each time the chlorinator restarts, it can automatically initiate the last work status.

--Audio and visual alarm, which is easy to find corresponding solutions.

--Water temperature monitoring function, when the water temperature is below 10℃, there will be an alarm with error. When above 45℃, the chlorinator will be forced to stop working with an alarm, prolong the lifetime.

--Working time can be adjustable according to actual need, energy saving.

--One-key restore default setting function

--Connection size: 50MM/1.5’or 32MM/38MM



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