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Hot Sale Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The full-inverter technology offers the best performance with mature full-inverter control system, to warm your pool at more favorable cost and eco-friendly way, and bring you perfect swimming experence all year round!
  • LAS10-KP-FI

1. Special Technology:

     1) Step-less DC Inverter
         Laswim full inverter series core technology is stepless DC inverter, it adopts stepless inverter compressor and DC brushes fan motor. The speed adjustment can be as low as one hertz and one round, which provide amazing energy saving performance and silence.

     2) Intelligent Protection
         Laswim full inverter series can adapt to wide voltage and adjusts the system in different tough condition. For example, if there is electricity fluctuation or in electricity peak period, the system can slow down intelligently for comfortable operation. Thus, it brings longer life span than traditional on/off heat pump.

     3) Specially designed inverter control system
          Laswim full inverter series control system is specially designed for pool heating. It can adjust the heating capacity precisely   according to different heating loss in the swimming season. The design philosophy is to achieve fast heating at high speed in the beginning of the season, and better energy saving in the rest of the season at middle  & low speed.

2. Key Features:






3. Other Features


PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Air 27°C/ Water 27°C/ Humid. 80%
Heating capacity (kW)          
COP Range13~6.413.1~6.513.4~6.613.4~6.513.5~6.513.8~6.6
Average COP at 50% Speed9.
PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Air 15°C/ Water 26°C/ Humid. 70%
Heating capacity (kW)          
COP Range 6.8~4.56.9~4.47~4.87~4.67~4.57.2~4.8
Average COP at 50% Speed6.
PERFORMANCE CONDITION: Air 35°C/ Water 28°C/ Humid. 80%
Cooling capacity (kW)          
Advised pool volume (m3) *15~3020~4535~6540~7550~9060~110
Operating air temperature (-5~43
Heat exchangerTwisted Titanium Heat Exchanger
Power supply 230V / 1Ph / 50Hz
MaterialAluminium alloy
Rated input power (kW)    0.20~1.10.26~1.440.34~1.920.44~2.440.56~3.10.60~3.32
Input power at 50% Speed (kW)    0.410.520.700.901.131.25
Rated input current (A)0.85~4.741.12~6.281.50~8.321.92~10.632.44~13.542.62~14.49
Maximum input current (A)6.59.512.51719.520
Power cord (mm²)3×1.53×2.53×2.53×43x63×6
Sound level at 1m dB(A)37.8~49.239.6~51.541.9~52.044.2~55.344.3~56.044.9~56.7
Sound level by 50% speed 1m dB(A)41.844.847.547.648.649
Sound level at 10m dB(A)17.9~29.219.6~31.422~3224.2~35.424.3~36.224.9~36.6
Advised water flux (m³/h)2~43~54~66~87~1010~12
Water connection (mm)50
Net dimension LxWxH (mm)744x359x648864x359x648864x359x648954x359x648954x359x748954×429×755
R32 Net weight (Kg)400550900100011001300
Gross weight (kg)475255677678
Net weight (kg)424649606868
Packing Size (mm)950X375X685950X375X685950X375X6851040X365X6851040X365X785/
Qty per 20’FT / 40'HQ (sets)114/252102/216102/21690/19860/19852/165
    * The above data will be subject to change without further notice, please   refer to the nameplate on the unit.
    * Advised pool volume applies to a private pool with an isothermal cover,   from April to September.

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