High Efficient Air Source Heat Pump
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High Efficient Air Source Heat Pump

The water temperature in nature varies with the environment, stable temperature is critical to the animal health, therefore temperature control is critical. Different animals have different requirements for water temperature, some need constant temperature of heating, while some need constant temperature of cooling. Laswim heat pump is a perfect, cost-effective and environmental-friendly solution that can maintain the water temperature constant by heating or cooling.

  • LAS-KP series

laswim swimming pool heat pumps are specifically designed to economically provide heating to high activity and larger pools such as those in camp sites, leisure parks, hotels etc. heat pumps are recognised as the most sustainable way to dynamically heat swimming pool water and with a heat pump you will save both energy and operating costs. laswim heat pumps are available for seasonal use during typical outdoor pool usage periods or for indoor pool, all year round enjoyment.


1. premium materials and components, providing great stability, high efficiency and long life time;

2. easy for installation and can be installed outside or in a plant room.

3. safe and reliable, the electricity does not heat the pool directly, it is completely separated from the water, greatly improving the safety of swimmers and employees.

4. high efficiency and energy saving. the unit requires only a small amount of electricity can be converted into 3-4 times of heat to the water, high energy conversion rate, significant savings in operating costs.

5. anti-corrosion and durable, excellent anti-corrosion galvanized steel sheet panel and pvc + titanium heat exchanger, ensure the main components in contact with the swimming pool      can effectively resist the erosion of chloride ion in water.

6. intelligent control, temperature control system of heat pump can accurately monitor the      water temperature, keep the water temperature close to the set temperature, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. 

7. multiple and careful protection to ensure safety and long life time.


· indoor or outdoor swimming pools

· water parks

· hotel pools

· holiday parks and campsites 

Standard heating
Heating capacitykW20.0623.6226.2140.1847.1952.3980.4693.69104.16157.44189.36234.24
Low temperature heating condition



Cooling   condition



Advised pool volume20-6030-8040-9060-12070-16080-180140-280170-350200-420280-520370-710400-800
Power supply...380V/3N/50Hz
Rated input powerkW4.184.825.468.379.6310.9116.4219.1221.7032.8039.4548.80
Rated input currentA7.478.629.7814.9617.2119.5029.3534.1838.7958.6370.5287.23
Max. Input powerkW5.436.277.1010.8812.5214.1821.3524.8628.2142.6451.2963.44
Max. Input currentA9.7111.2012.6919.4522.3825.3538.1644.4350.4376.2291.67113.40
Max. water   temperature40
Applicable ambient   temperature-5~43
Heat exhangerTitanium in PVC
Max. pressure   (Refrigerant side)MPa2.8/3.8
Refrigerant typeR22/2407C/R410A
Air volume at 30Pam³/h650065006500130001300013000195001950019500600006000060000
Noise leveldB(A)≤65≤65≤67≤68≤68≤68≤70≤70≤70≤75≤75≤75
Water inlet/outlet sizemm4040405050506363639090110
Water flow ratem³/h567101215202530405060
Water side pressure dropkPa404547485050515355565860
Net weightKg110120150280320420560650750114011701250
Net dimensionmm745/745/1045745/745/1045745/745/10451425/745/10451425/745/10451425/745/10452250/1035/12002250/1035/12002250/1035/12003514/1804/13503514/1804/13503514/1804/1350

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