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EC series salt chlorinator Features:
Using salt electrolysis method to create chlorine has been proven an economical, advanced, practical and reliable way to ensure the sanitization of pool water for small and medium pools. This method has been adapted and used all over the world.
The LASWIM EC Series salt chlorinator applied advanced micro-computer technology and customer oriented design, to provide the most energy saving and environmentsl friendly method to sanitize small and medium pools. To achieve this simple, smart and safe chlorine production, all the chlorinator require is only salt.

Simple to use
By adding the right amount of salt into the pool, most of the water quality management work is done. The Salt Chlorinator EC series will for sure produce a five star level chlorine production automatically according to the need of the pool.

Simple to operate
The Salt Chlorinator's function menu is simple and straightforward. 4 buttons controls all functions of the salt chlorinator, making the process time saving and quick.

Simple to install
The control panel and the Salt Chlorinator's chlorine generator has a one-piece design, the water input and output is designed on the same axis to minimize the need to arrange pipelines. The device itself occupies very little space, therefore making installation simple and flexible.

Simple maintenance
The Salt Chlorinator EC series is designed with a removable structure. Where the titanium electrodes can be removed for regular cleaning and maintenance. To ensure the smooth operation of the Salt Chlorinator EC series, all is needed is to maintain the right amount of salt concentration in the pool. And since common salt is a daily necessary, it is easy to obtain. Customers can purchase salt when it is needed, avoiding the massive storage and transportation of disinfectants of traditional methods.

Smart adjustment
The Salt Chlorinator EC series contains chlorine production level adjustment feature. With the simple push of a button, the chlorine production can be adjusted from 20%-100% to satisfy different needs for different pools.

Smart cleaning
The Salt Chlorinator EC series contains a self-clean feature. By automatic operation of the electrodes to reduce the appearance of scale, greatly extends the washing cycle for the reaction titanium board.

Smart alarm
The Salt Chlorinator EC series contains a smart alarm and warning function. When the device or the operation environment is abnormal, the system shows an error code that assists maintenance personnel for rapid repair.

Smart protection
In conditions where the pool temperature is too high or too low, or when water is lacking, the Salt Chlorinator EC series initiates automatic protection. This is done to prevent the device from damaging under extreme conditions, effectively extending the service life of the device.

Smart memory system
The Salt Chlorinator EC series contains a smart memory function. Each time the device is turned on, it automatically remembers the working status from last initiation, decreasing the steps needed for maintenance personnel.


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