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Degassing tower

Degassing tower is used to remove carbon dioxide in the water during the course of ion exchange in water treatment, so as to reduce the load of anion exchanger and lift the economy and output water quality of the water treatment system.
  • Degassing tower

Degassing towers are designed to keep the total gas pressure of your culture water as close to equilibrium with almospheric gas pressure as possible. Gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and CO2 can become super saturated especially in dround water supplies and then become particularly problem in aquarium and aquaculture where pure oxygen is used. The accumulationof CO2 can cause a dramatic drop in PH over a short period of time. 

Laswim degassing tower are designed to "off gas", these supersaturated gases and increase dissolved oxygen in water, big treated water flow, easy to install and maintain, low investment and low operating cost.

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