DC Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump
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DC Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Laswim DC inverter heat pumps use R32, is only 25% CO2 emission and 25% gas quota of R410A. Warm your pool at more favorable cost and eco-friendly.
  • LAS07-KP-DI Series


Inverter technology makes swimming pool heat pump achieve an extremely high COP and quiet operation. With variable running speed based on actual heating or cooling requirements, it warms up the pools at a low speed when the pool temperature is getting close to the set temperature. LASWIM DC inverter swimming pool heat pump helps cut the running cost and provides a comfortable swimming environment.

1.COP up to 11

  • (Air 27℃/Water 27℃/Humidity 80%)

  • No matter it's cold or warm, it will adjust the heating capacity according to the pool water temperature. When running at 20%-25% speed, it reaches the highest COP 11.

2.Super energy saving

  • With low-speed running, DC inverter heat pump is double energy saving than traditional on/off heat pump.

3.Silent operation

  • Thanks to the stable DC inverter control system, DC inverter compressor and variable speed ventilator, LASWIM DC inverter heat pump runs very silently and provides you a comfortable swimming environment.

4.Smart WIFI control(Optional)

  • With smart APP control, you can check and control your heat pump anytime and anywhere, all information is at your fingertips.





Performance   condition: Air: 27℃ / Water:     27℃ / Humidity: 80%
Heating capacity (kW)79131620.224.2
COP Range10.1~610.4~6.210.8~6.310.6~6.210.8~6.110.8~6.2
Average COP at 50%   speed8.
Performance   condition:: Air: 15℃ / Water:     26℃ / Humidity: 70%
Heating capacity (kW)
COP Range6.2~4.36.5~4.26.2~4.56.6~4.36.5~4.26.6~4.5
Average COP at 50%   speed5.
Technical   specifications
Advised pool   volume (m³)15-3020-4535-6540-7550-9060-110
Operating air   temperature (℃)0℃~43℃
CasingABS material
Heat exhangerTwisted   titanium heat  exchanger
Refrigerant typeR32
Power supply230V/1N/   50Hz
Rated  input power (kW)0.24~1.180.28~1.560.41~2.020.50~2.550.60~3.250.72~3.82
Input power at 50%   speed (kW)0.420.540.750.91.151.3
Rated  input current (A)1.0~5.061.21~6.731.76~8.72.17~11.122.61~14.163.13~16.56
Maximum input   current (A)6.5812.51719.520.5
Power cord (mm²)3X1.53X1.53X2.53X43X63X6
Sound level at 1m40~51.241.6~53.544~54.046.2~57.446.3~58.246.9~58.8
Sound level  by 50% speed at 1m dB(A)43.846.849.549.850.651.2
Sound level at 10m   dB(A)19.8~31.221.6~33.623.9~34.226.2~37.326.3~38.227~38.8
Advised water flow   (m³/h)2~43~54~66~87~1010~12
Water connection   (mm)50
R32 Net weight   (g)400550900100011001300
Gross weight   (Kg) 475255677678
Net weight   (Kg) 434749606868
Net dimension LxWxH (mm)903*349*654903*349*654903*349*654991*349*654991*349*754991*420*757
Loading quantity   of 20ft/40HQ (Sets)102/216102/216102/21690/19860/19850/162


 * The above data will be subject to change without further notice, please   refer to the nameplate on the unit.

 * Advised pool volume applies to a private pool with an isothermal cover,   from April to September.

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