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Biological Filter WL-BFG

Bead filter are closed pressure filter containing food grade ployethylene granules or beads. The form and size of the beads create a large surface on which bacteria and suspended solid can attached it. It provides mechanical and biological filtration at a single unit which compete with bobbin wound filter, 6-way multiport valve, pipings, circulation pump, air blower, control box and base. It has been engineered uniquely for pond and aquarium.
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Biological filter is the core equipment of aquaculture. In the case that the total water in the circulating water is fixed, but the total amount of nitrogen input is constantly increasing, under the action of organisms, these nitrogenous substances would be converted into ammonia or nitrite dissolved in water. The continuous accumulation of these substances will cause the organisms poisoning. Therefore, these nitrogenous substances must be converted into non-toxic substances in aquaculture. 

Operating principle
Biological filter tank(Biochemical tank) is a kind of biological filter container, its delicate design keeps the water flow within a certain range and ensures that the biofilm can be attached to the biofilter 
material as soon as possible, so as to exert the best effect together with the whole system.

Combination unit
Sand filter, protein skimmer, air pump or fan

Biological filter tank(Biochemical tank) is not recommended to used with the ozone generator, but can be preinstalled with UV sterilizer.

Non-toxic food grade PP or PVC

WL-BFG bead filter is closed pressure filter, not only designed with nice and modern appearance, but also minimize the size of filtration system compare to the traditional one. The installation and operation is very simple, and function is very complete. It provides mechanical filtration and biological filtration at a single unit, with bobbin-wound fiberglass reinforced tank, 6-way multiport valve, piping, circulation pump, air blower, control box and base.

Mechanical filtration
When the water flows through the filter tank, large particles will be trapped by the filter media, small particles will be also blocked by the linked filter media. After certain time, these particles will be accumulated and the pressure inside the tank will increase, then the filter can be backwashed to clear the accumulated particles and release the tank pressure.

Biological filtration
By breeding beneficial bacteria inside the filtration media in the filter tank, the beneficial bacteria can convert into non-toxic substances and digested.


Model Diameter(mm) Flow Rate(m*3/h) Pond Size (m*3) Fish Load(kg) Food(Pr)
WL-BFG450 450 8 6 20 200
WL-BFG500 500 11 10 35 350
WL-BFG650 650 16 30 78 780
WL-BFG700 700 19 34 94 940
WL-BFG800 800 25 52 124 1240
WL-BFG900 900 30 73 172 1720
WL-BFG1000 1000 42 148 310 3100

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