BVSP Series Variable Speed Pump
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BVSP Series Variable Speed Pump

LASWIM BVSP series variable speed pump is a valuable product, with the feature of energy- saving, efficient, intelligent and safe and suitable for swimming pool, hot spring and water feature. It provides users with the best solution for energy saving, avoids the unnecessary consumption of energy and increase the operating effeciency to maximize the user's operating cost.


1.Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled(TEFC)

2.5L Strainer Basket

3.Shaft: SS316

4.Mechanical Seal: Carbon+Resin- Ceramics(Carbon, Ceramics, SS304, EPDM)

5.Bearing: NSK


1.The inlet or outlet of the pump with an external thread, which can connect with metric or imperial pipes.

2.The pump has excellent performance and reliable quality, which can bear 25000 times of impact test.

3.Liquid Temperature: 5-50℃(41-122℉)

4.Ambient Temperature: up to 45℃(133℉)

5.Maximum working pressure: 2.5bar.

6.IPX5 waterproof standard

7.Class I protection against electric shock.

8.Thermal protection included.

9.Power Supply: 220V/50Hz/60Hz.

The Advantage of LASWIM Variable Speed Pump VS Traditional Single Speed Pump 

小组合图Energy Saving

Traditional pumps operate at set,unchangeable speeds. Those speeds are almost always higher than required. As a result, they overpower the jobs they’re assigned to do, which wastes energy.BVSP pump with built-in intelligent technology,can achieve variable speed operation, reducing up to 80% of the energy consumption.

High Efficiency

BVSP variable speed pump combines efficient motor with excellent internal geometric structure of the pump, making it a powerful,quiet and reliable multi-purpose pump.

Application & Installation

BVSP series variable pump uses infinitely adjustable-speed intelligent frequency conversion technology. It is suitable for all types and sizes, pool and spa combinations and ideal for water features such as waterfalls and fountains. Fully programmable with up to 4 preset speed and timer functions.

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